3 Ways Real Estate Closing Gifts Can Make an Impression

real estate closing gifts

Being a real estate agent can be an extremely rewarding experience. It’s a very personal profession that lets you get into the minds of sellers and buyers alike to provide each party with exactly what they are looking for. Real Estate Closing Gifts can sometimes be hard to choose.   As Realtor, you get to enter people’s homes to understand what their house has to offer. This experience naturally leads to getting to know the sellers, too. You get to become a part of their lives as you help them tackle the market and sell their home. The same goes …

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A Lesson With Gratitude: How Mud Taught Me to Appreciate My Life 

Today I’m going to share with you a lesson in gratitude in the form of a little mud. This simple memory revisits me a few times a month, despite the summer heat. It reminds me to stay grounded and grateful for everything in my life.    One day, I was at the car wash trying to clean the new Bumble Bee Baskets truck. I was frustrated, upset, and acting like it was the end of the world that I was unable to get the mud out of the truck. I called my spouse, my children, and desperately tried to find …

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6 Signs You Have Issues With Customer Retention (and how Gift Giving Can Help)

How do you know if you are having issues with customer retention? Check out these 6 signs that your customer retention isn’t where it should be.    Customer retention is a big deal when it comes to business. Returning customers are the drivers of your business, and they can make or break you. Seriously, if you haven’t heard of the 80/20 rule of business, you might think we’re being ridiculous. I promise you, we aren’t.   This rule tells us that 80% of our business comes from 20% of our customers, and vice-versa. That means no matter how good your …

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7 Unspoken Rules You Need to Follow During the Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede Unspoken Rules Blog Banner

With July fast approaching, one of the biggest events in Canada is soon to be underway: The Calgary Stampede. This fun and unique cultural event can be incredibly exciting, but there are some unspoken rules you’ll want to follow for maximum enjoyment and safety. Remember that large crowds of people can often become confusing or disorienting, so it’s important to ground yourself and have a plan should you run into trouble. 1 – Have Your Calgary Stampede Tickets Ready! You’re probably thinking, “of course you need a ticket, everyone knows that!” In truth, you’d be amazed how many people forget …

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5 Graduation Gift Ideas

graduation gift idea

It’s graduation season, which means graduation parties, and of course, graduation gifts. Graduation gifts come in all shapes and sizes; from gift cards, to new cars, to money and greeting cards. If you’ve got a graduate you’re looking to get a gift for, here are five graduation gift ideas that are unique and will let your grad know just how proud you are of them! 1 – Mobile Chargers We’re always on the go these days, and many of us depend on our phones and other devices for information, communication, and even entertainment. Having a full battery can be challenging …

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Sweetsmith Candy Co. Partner Spotlight

sweetsmith candy partner

Here at Bumble Bee Baskets, we’re a sucker for a great story and oh boy, do we have a great story to tell today. It’s about a new partner that has recently come to our doorstep in the form of a name that we have known for a very long time. That name is Sweetsmith Candy Co..   Bumble Bee Baskets has known Sweet Smith Candy Co. for a long time because we have used their amazing sweets and treats in our gift baskets. As far as versatility goes, these sweet treats are the best way to top off any …

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7 Mothers Day Presents that Don’t Cost a Dime

mothers day bumble bee baskets

  Mother’s day is a special day where we get to let those moms in our lives know exactly how much we appreciate everything they do. Moms are not only essential to our society but one of the key components to a happy, healthy family. What happens when mother’s day comes and you’re running on a budget? No worries! Here are seven mother’s day presents that don’t cost a dime. 1 – Make Her Dinner Nothing says “I love and appreciate you” like preparing a home-cooked meal for your mom on mother’s day. There are hundreds of easy recipes available …

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Making Perfect Wedding Gifts With Build-A-Basket

Wedding Gift Baskets Calgary

Spring is wedding season and we are overjoyed by all the happy couples tying the knot, and stepping over the threshold of matrimonial bliss! If you know someone who is getting married soon, gift baskets make a great wedding gift idea. His and Hers gift baskets are a fun option, but wedding gifts should be creative and think outside the basket a bit. Picking the Right Basket There are so many options to choose from. And while a sturdy wicker basket is a traditional option, there are alternative options. A small wooden chest is one good option. Another clever option …

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5 Essential Items Every Easter Basket Needs

Easter Gift Baskets Calgary

Easter is just around the corner, and it’s never complete without putting together the perfect Easter gift basket. Whether the kid you’re shopping for is 4 or 40, everyone loves a nice gift basket. And what could be a more perfect excuse than Easter? In the spirit of Easter, we’ve assembled this list of great Easter gift ideas to help you put all your eggs in one basket and select the perfect gift items for your special some-bunny.   Something Sweet Every Easter Basket needs some sweets. Fruit flavored and coffee flavored hard candies are an excellent choice. Of course …

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