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When (and Why) to Send Clients Gifts

Your clients are the heartbeat of your business, and sending them a simple gift can be a great way to let them know just how much you appreciate their patronage. Even the simplest things like a gift card, gift basket, or even a set of new wine glasses can say a lot. When you send clients gifts, you’re making a statement: I value you. So, when (and why) should you sent clients gifts to begin with? Why Send Clients Gifts? Why should you send gifts? It’s simple, really. Because it’s a nice thing to do, and makes your clients feel …

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The History of St. Patrick’s Day

The history of St. Patrick’s Day is rich with culture and a wonderful story to share with friends and family. What’s the story of St. Patrick? Where did he come from, what did he do, and why is there a day dedicated to his memory? Here we’ll pull the cover off the rich history of St. Patrick’s Day and maybe even set some myths straight about this March holiday. The Beginning Let’s start at the beginning. The Roman Empire had spread far and wide in the centuries before St. Patrick’s birth, encompassing much of the known world. From the sands …

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Winner of the Consumer Choice Award 2020!

    Bumble Bee Baskets is proud to announce that we have received the honorary Consumer Choice Award for 2020 for excellence in service! We are so grateful to our customers and supporters that have made this all possible and continue to keep us moving forward by purchasing our baskets and leaving amazing reviews. At BBB, we strive to make your customer experience top-notch with the highest-quality gift baskets and products for any occasion, a build-a-basket feature for custom gifts, and local same-day delivery to the Southern Alberta/Calgary area. We want to send a warm and heartfelt thank you to all of our customers and let …

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5 Easter Egg Hunts for Kids of All Ages

Easter is right around the corner, and you know what that means; Easter egg hunt! Kids of all ages enjoying searching high and low for those colorful, goodie-stuffed eggs, but there are other ways to spice up the traditional egg hunt. These five easter egg hunt ideas will help make this year’s hunt a memorable one. Keep reading to learn more! 1. Easter Egg Hunt (Willy Wonka Style) Charlie was excited to find his golden ticket inside of a chocolate Wonka Bar, and it won him and several other children special access to the Wonk Chocolate Factory. When you’re planning …

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Real Estate in Calgary 2020

With 2019 in the past, we’re moving into an exciting new year of real estate for the Calgary area. If you’re considering moving to the Calgary area or trying to sell your property, you’ll want to look at this guide for a better idea of how real estate in Calgary will perform throughout 2020. Keep reading to learn about market trends and what you can expect throughout the year. A Population Boost Calgary is an attractive area for growing families, so it’s no surprise that the overall population has seen a boost in recent years. It is expected to see …

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7 Amazing Family Day Adventures Everyone Can Enjoy

Family day takes place on the third Monday of February for Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick. For those of you in British Columbia, it falls on the second Monday of the month. What is family day? An awesome holiday for spending time with the people that mean the most to you. The trouble with these kinds of holidays is that there aren’t many open retail stores, restaurants, and other establishments. What’s open on family day? These seven adventures are perfect for you and your family to observe this much-anticipated holiday.   1. Stay In and Do Some Baking This …

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What Your Valentine’s Day Gifts Say To Your Loved Ones

Valentine’s day is just on the horizon, and you’re probably already thinking about what to get your sweetheart or family members for a gift. Chocolates, cards, and flowers are some of the holiday’s staples, but what does it really mean when you take the time to choose the best Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one? Keep reading to learn more about how your gift choice makes the people around you feel.  Value  Making someone feel valued is a great gift in itself, and when you take the time to really think about what you’re getting for Valentine’s Day, you’re …

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How to Up Your Gift Game in 2020

gift basket

  Gift giving is something of an art that takes practice to get right. When you’re giving gifts to people you love, it’s important to know their personal tastes and preferences to get that perfect gift that will leave them smiling for days to come. With the new year in full swing, we’d like to offer some tips for upping your gift game in 2020. These tips will help you not only buy better gifts, but also learn to get to know the people you’re buying for a little better in order to tailor your purchasing decisions to their tastes. …

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5 of the Best New Year 2020 Gifts

best new year gifts 2020

When it comes to the New Year, nothing says Happy New Year! like a gourmet basket. With dozens of choices and varieties to suit your every need, Bumble Bee Baskets has exactly what you’re looking for to bring in the New Year with style and elegance. Whether you need a simple cheese basket for your neighbor’s New Year’s Eve party, or you want something a little more classy for your boss’s new office, these are five of the best New Year 2020 gifts.   The Winter Warmer Basket Brrr! It’s getting chilly out there as winter’s hold begins to tighten before the New Year …

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