Call for Comments! What Do You Want to See in the Store?

Since our inception, we’ve made serving you, our customer, a top priority. With some of the highest-quality gift baskets online, delivery options, and a customer service philosophy that’s second to none, we’d like to think we’re doing a pretty good job. Now, it’s your turn to tell us what you’d like to see. Here are five gift basket ideas we’d like your ideas on! So fire away with your comments and let us know which of these five you absolutely must see.

1. Garden Gift Basket

If you’ve got someone with a green thumb in your family or friends group, this could be the perfect gift basket for them. With a love of growing things in mind, we’ll design a basket especially for the gardeners you love. Gardening not only produces beautiful and edible foliage, but it’s also known to be therapeutic!

Some ideas for basket filler are:

Gardening tip books

Various seed types

Gardening tools, gloves, etc. 

Let us know what you think about this great gift idea. would the gardener in your life love this gift basket? Maybe you’ll need to grab one for yourself?

2.Writer’s Gift Basket

Do you know someone that has a way with words? That has an affinity for journaling, writing stories, or weaving poetry? A writer’s gift basket will contain everything your budding author needs to polish their style and create entire worlds with just a pen and pad.

Writing is not only a fun and easy hobby, but it’s also great for mental health. As an outlet, it allows the writer to hash out complex emotions or tell a story that others will enjoy.

So, what would be included in this gift basket?

Fancy pens

Leather-bound journal

Writer’s guide(s)

Writing Prompt ideas

Quill and ink

Parchment paper

Can you think of anything else that might belong in a basket like this one? Let us know in the comments below.

3. Brew-Lover’s Basket

We all know someone who’s a fanatic for all things coffee, so why not spice up their life with some artisanal choices? A coffee basket can help keep your coffee fanatic energized and pleased with several coffee blends and other gifts.

What would make a brew-lover happy in this unique basket? How about…

Artisanal coffee blends from around the world

A custom coffee mug (or two)

A customized travel mug

Stainless steel or polymer coffee filter  (to reduce waste)

Coffee flavor syrup(s)

What else can you think of that a coffee lover would absolutely die for in their basket? What artisanal coffee blends would you like to see or try? If you’ve got a particular blend in mind, let us know below! We’d love to hear about your favorites.

4. Summer Rum Basket

For the adults in your life, why not spice up their summertime with a rum sampler basket? Remember those little samplers that you can buy at the liquor store or at hotels? If you know someone that loves rum, this basket is perfect for them. With a luxurious summer theme, plenty of rum to sample, and a price you’ll love, this is the perfect gift for summertime.

Some ideas are:

A dozen or so rum samplers.

A shaker/alcohol mixer

Plenty of mini tiki umbrellas

If there’s anything else you can think of that would help spice up the rum sampler basket, let us know in the comments below!

5. Chef’s Gift Basket

Who’s the chef in your family? Mom? Dad? Uncle? Brother? Maybe your best friend aspires to be a pro chef and spends a lot of time in the kitchen? Whatever the case may be, the best gift basket for someone with an affinity for creating delicious meals would be the chef’s basket.

This basket will be filled to the brim with all kinds of goodies and is sure to make the chef in your life smile. It would also make an excellent housewarming gift for a new client or homeowner!

What’s included? How about…

A professional chef’s knife

A chef’s apron

Exotic spices

Salt and Pepper shakers

What would you include in a chef’s basket? A new frying pan? A recipe book? Let us know below so we can create the perfect basket for the chef in your life.

We’re Here To Listen

Serving our customers has been an integral part of our philosophy from day one. We appreciate your business and your input! We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of potential gift ideas. Be sure to leave comments below about your favorites and any ideas you might have to make them better!

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Your feedback makes a huge difference in the next steps we take, so don’t be afraid to leave us a comment and let us know how we’re doing!