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Christmas 2020: New Holiday Gifts In The Shop

The Holidays are fast-approaching, and it’s time to take a look at what’s new to the Holiday Shop at Bumble Bee Baskets! Our baskets are handcrafted with care, and we have options for just about any occasion. We have holiday gifts and gift baskets that you’ll absolutely love this year, so let’s dive in. Holiday Gifts Idea: The Harvest Horn Celebrate the end of Autumn with this beautiful Harvest Horn gift basket. The wicker horn is filled with yummy treats and plenty of Fall vibes to help you greet the gentle embrace of winter’s first touch. With gummies, chocolates, and Tootsie Roll candies, the

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Let’s Talk Business: Holiday Gift Giving

The holidays are approaching fast, and once again, the masses will be heading to their favorite stores and websites to get that perfect gift for friends and loved ones. But how do you decide how to give gifts to businesses or colleagues and clients? What’s the perfect gift? How do you know when it’s too much or too little? Holiday gift giving is one of our favorite traditions, but it often takes on an overly-complex nature. The truth is, holiday gift giving is easy when you understand who you’re buying for. You wouldn’t buy the same gift for your mother that you

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5 Ways to Give Back to Calgary this Holiday Season

Looking to give back to Calgary this holiday season? You’ve come to the right place. As a Calgary business, we pride ourselves on giving back to the community through volunteer opportunities and more. You didn’t think we just sold gift baskets, did you? Bumble Bee Baskets is committed to creating a stable, united community that celebrates its diversity and provides resources for those in need. It’s traditional during the holidays to give back, and we’re going to show you how. Of course, there are no hard rules about how you can give back to the community. If you can volunteer even a

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