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3 Creative Egg-Hunts for Kids of All Ages

COVID-19 has put a bit of a damper on holiday festivities for many people. From kids and families across the country, the next big worry is having a festive Easter celebration. Honestly, is Easter truly complete without an amazing Easter Egg-Hunt? No. In order to save the easter-egg-hunt, here are 3 COVID conscious Easter Egg-Hunt ideas to help your family get the memories that last a lifetime.

Indoor Egg-Hunt Race

This is a fun way to help your kids “go for the gold” while hunting for their Easter eggs. By hiding a set amount of eggs, and letting everyone grab what they can find, you’re sure to have a high-energy egg-hunt that naturally turns into a race to find the next one. With a combination of challenging and easy hiding spots, you can put a variety of eggs through different rooms in the house. As a rule of thumb, these can get hectic, so make sure to limit your playing field. These hunts work best when you keep them to one floor. Oh, and this is the type of race you want to use the plastic eggs for because it gets a bit messy when two hunters grab for the same hard-boiled egg.

Sibling Easter Egg-Hunt

If you want to keep the Indoor Hunt a bit more fair for the kids, you can make an even amount of eggs for each kid to find. The best way to go about this is color coding or numbering your eggs for the kids, so that they make sure they get the right eggs. Keep an eye out for your crafty kids if you go this route because they might find a sibling egg, and nab it to ensure their win! This Egg-Hunt doesn’t get as intense, so you can use any kind of egg you want.

Outdoor Egg-Hunt

If the weather permits, there is nothing quite like an outdoor egg-hunt. The spring air’s crisp smell brings new life to nature, and there is no better time to get out and enjoy it. Since COVID is still in swing, it’s best to keep your egg-hunt to your property. If you are wondering where to put the eggs, look to the yard, the tree, bushes, and rocks to hide your eggs.

Save the Egg-Hunt!!!

Keeping the egg-hunt alive is more than possible this holiday season! It just takes a bit of creativity to get the same amount of fun! With a bit of thought and a touch of cunning, you can create amazing memories with your family with an Easter egg-hunt.