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3 Reasons Gift Giving Will Change the Way You Do Business

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s a good idea to send a customer a gift, the answer is yes.  Business gift giving will not only change the way you do business, it will change the way you look at your business. After all, it’s always a good idea to show your customers, employees, and anyone you do business with your gratitude.

1. It Can Help You Close Sales

Did you know sending a personalized gift can increase your chances of closing a sale?

It’s true. With the right gift, you may just find that contract getting signed a little sooner than expected. The key to this is the right gift. Sending a gift to your potential customers isn’t an opportunity to bribe them, it’s an opportunity to show them who you are and what you stand for.  Avoid marketing materials and promoting your brand- send a gift basket filled with items your potential client will truly enjoy.

Sending a personalized gift can help your company’s proposal stick out from the rest of the candidates or express your commitment to a particular client. Remember when you were applying for jobs and sent thank-you cards and emails to your interviewer? Delivering a gift basket is the corporate thank-you card that can set your company apart from the competition.

In the same light, giving a unique gift basket can extend the longevity of your relationship with a client and find new opportunities. This is a common practice in the real estate industry. For most realtors, a closing gift is a way of making a lasting impression on a client. This translates to word-of-mouth advertising. A client who received a gift basket to welcome them to their new home is likely to remember that realtor (and recommend that realtor when a family member wants to sell their home).

In the Bumble Bee Baskets Business Success Program, we coach businesses on best business gift giving practices, and how they can incorporate the magic of gift giving to reach their revenue goals and create a culture of giving within their company. In fact, some of our clients have seen a couple thousand dollars in heartfelt gifts for clients result in hundred-thousand dollar deals.


2. It Gives You an Opportunity to Open New Doors

What if you could take that client from a one-off sale to a lifetime relationship? If you’re anything like us, that’s the relationship you’d prefer to have with all of your clients. Long term clients become more than steady work- they’re an extension of the family.

If you’re interested in continuing the relationship with a client after a small project or want to expand the service contract you already have in place, consider sending a tailored gift basket to that particular client. Not only does this give you a reason to follow up with the client, you’re showing you them that the work you did together was more than ‘business’ to you and your company.  Never forget that your customers are more than transactions – they’re people. Treat them well and show your appreciation!

This can extend to an appreciation program to show loyal customers just how much you appreciate their business. For example, you may send a personalized gift basket to clients annually for their continued loyalty to your brand. They’ll appreciate the beautiful gift and keep you in mind when they’re ready to upgrade their product or service.

3. It Creates a Culture of Giving in Your Organization

Never underestimate the power of showing you care. From your employees to your customers, everyone deserves gratitude for their contribution to your business growth. It’s not just a gift basket, it’s an opportunity to show you truly care.

That gratitude trickles down into every aspect of your business and sets the tone for how your company functions as a whole. For your customers and business partners, these personalized gifts show your engagement in the relationship as well as your appreciation for their business.

Internally, your employees see a business that takes the initiative to go the extra mile for the client. With that example set, your employees are much more likely to go the extra miles for clients and customers alike. If you’re managing a sales team, you may even want to consider allocating a budget to your sales team for the purpose of sending clients gifts.

Need a little nudge in the right direction? Gift giving actually makes YOU feel good, too. According to a study conducted by Nature Communications, human beings are happier on a biological level when giving gifts- regardless of the price tag.

Remember: Corporate Gift Baskets Don’t Have to Be Boring

The key to giving a gift that makes an impact is giving a gift from the heart. Whether you want to show an organization that your company is worth partnering with or give back to the employees that have been loyal to your company, a gift only makes an impact when the recipient feels like the person who gave them the gift actually cares.

Just because you’re sending a corporate gift doesn’t mean you should take a corporate approach. Leave the promotions on your marketing materials. Now is the time to think on a human level and ask yourself, “What would this person truly enjoy?” Then call Bumble Bee Baskets and let us design the perfect basket for your client.

The moral of the story?  Stop over thinking gift giving and do it.