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gift-wrap-examplesCustom Gift Wrapping & Packaging

Looking for gift-wrapping that WOWs? Lucky for you, we offer our expert gift wrapping services a la carte.

Wrapping prices starting at:

  • $18 for small gifts: eg. cd’s, perfume, jewelry, mugs, and ornaments – Small Gift Baskets
  • $35 for medium gifts: eg. shirts, mugs, shoes, calendars, books, and Barbie’s – Med. Gift Baskets
  • $45 for large gifts: eg. robes, shoulder bags, laptops, big Lego sets, and footballs – Lrg. Gift Baskets
  • $55 for extra large gifts: eg. basketballs, gaming systems, baby furniture, parkas, and small appliances –
  • $60 and up for bigger, crazy-shaped items – nothing is too large or too oddly shaped for us!

Not sure which category your gift falls under?

Use the Contact Form to Get a Quote -OR- Call Us Directly At 403.201.1166