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5 Graduation Gift Ideas

graduation blog image

It’s graduation season, which means graduation parties, and of course, graduation gifts. Graduation gifts come in all shapes and sizes; from gift cards, to new cars, to money and greeting cards. If you’ve got a graduate you’re looking to get a gift for, here are five graduation gift ideas that are unique and will let your grad know just how proud you are of them!

1 – Mobile Chargers

We’re always on the go these days, and many of us depend on our phones and other devices for information, communication, and even entertainment. Having a full battery can be challenging with some devices, so getting your grad a mobile charger will help ensure that their battery is always full.

Mobile chargers are essentially a battery pack with a charging port for your phone or tablet. They’re small, portable, and hold a nice charge, so devices will stay charged all day long. These chargers are normally quite inexpensive as well, making them perfect budget gifts for the new graduate.

If your grad is heading off to college next year, it’s important that their phone is charged, not only so that you can get ahold of them to hear about their college experience, but also for safety. An always charged phone means help is within reach at all times should your graduate run into any trouble.

2 – Basic Tools

A basic toolset may seem like a silly gift for graduation, but if you really think about it, it’s an incredibly valuable item to have. After graduation, your graduate will either head off to college or begin life as an adult with their own apartment, and therefore their own set of handyman problems.

Having a basic toolset in the house is absolutely essential. Everything from hanging picture frames to installing a new doorknob requires tools like hammers, screwdrivers, and tape measures. Many department stores offer a basic toolset that even comes with a handy carrying case. Best of all, these basic starter sets usually run anywhere from $15-$100, so you’ll have plenty to choose from and won’t have to break the bank to get what you’re looking for.

3 – A Laptop

This gift is definitely in the higher range as far as price goes, but a decent laptop can be incredibly beneficial both in a college and home setting. A good laptop will help your graduate complete college papers, network with their peers, and remain in communication with professors and campus news.

Laptops come in all shapes and sizes, from 2-in-1’s that flip into a tablet, to full-sized laptops with large HD screens for viewing your favorite TV shows and movies. Ideally, a college student will need a laptop that’s portable, powerful, and has a warranty or some kind of protection plan. After all, accidents do happen, and going without a laptop can be devastating.

Choosing the right laptop may require some research on your part, but it will definitely pay off when you choose a quality laptop for your graduate. This is an incredibly thoughtful gift and one that your grad will appreciate for your years to come.

Don’t forget to compare prices when shopping for a laptop. Sites like Amazon often have great deals on older models when the newest one launches. These older models are still powerful and can get the job done, but will cost a little less than the newest and greatest edition.

4 – Paid Phone Service

Here’s a unique gift idea for your grad! Paying their phone service for a few months or even a year can really have a huge impact on the new graduate’s financial situation. Imagine if your phone bill were paid for just a few months. You’d be able to save (or spend elsewhere) all of that money and there would be one less bill to worry about.

You can either do this by purchasing a prepaid card or simply taking the grad to their carrier’s store and paying for the service for however long you would like. Since cellphones are such a hot commodity, this is a great gesture and will put a smile on your graduate’s face and money back in their pocket. While giving out cash is certainly an option, gestures like this one are much more personal and make a more profound statement.

5 – Instapot

The Instapot craze has reached its height in recent years, with this powerful kitchen tool being one of the top-selling household items of 2017. Why? Simplicity. Instapots allow entire meals to be cooked in almost no time, making healthy eating in a hurry a viable option.

College doesn’t have to mean Ramen and McDonald’s dinners for four years. With an Instapot, your grad will be able to cook homestyle meals with ease, and there are thousands of recipes available online and in cookbooks.

The Instapot is the perfect gift for your recent grad and one that they’ll be able to use well into the future. Imagine having a home-cooked meal in just 30 minutes instead of buying fast food. You’ll not only save your grad’s health but also their wallet!


Graduation can be one of the most exciting times in one’s life. New opportunities await, and life is just ahead with many choices and experiences along the way. These five great gifts will help your grad navigate these challenges and show how much you care about their success and happiness.