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Sweetsmith Candy Co. Partner Spotlight

Here at Bumble Bee Baskets, we’re a sucker for a great story and oh boy, do we have a great story to tell today. It’s about a new partner that has recently come to our doorstep in the form of a name that we have known for a very long time. That name is Sweetsmith Candy Co..


Bumble Bee Baskets has known Sweet Smith Candy Co. for a long time because we have used their amazing sweets and treats in our gift baskets. As far as versatility goes, these sweet treats are the best way to top off any basket, and they have helped us help customers with allergies and sensitivities snack away on sweets in their gift baskets. After all, their products are in just about every basket that has chocolate or celebrates a birthday.

The Sweetsmith Candy Co. Story

This is a really cool story. Dannah Davies took her hard earned money from endless paper routes and odd jobs, and founded Sweetsmith Candy Co. in 2012. Using a secret family recipe, she worked her way through farmers markets and started to quickly gain notoriety for here amazing treats and sweets.


The family recipe only went so far though, and soon people with allergies started to enquire about the sweet treats, and how they could get a taste. So, in an effort to pursue another love of experimental cooking, she took on the challenge of making sweets for those who normally can’t have them. Today, Sweetsmith Candy Co. offers sweets for wheat, soy, dairy, and egg sensitivities. Let us be the first to tell you, we can’t really tell the difference, and it’s all so good.


If you want to read more about their story, you can check it out on their website:


How Our Paths Crossed


We’ve been busy bees, hard at work making our website a better experience for everyone we are lucky enough to have here. With that being said, it seems our efforts are starting to pay off. We’ve been using these sweets for a while now, and their candies have been pictured on our site for well over a year. The issue was, we never wrote their name in our basket description. Well those days are long gone, and their names have started to appear in the descriptions for our amazing gift baskets.

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Once we did that, we got a happy surprise: A nice email from Sweetsmith Candy Co. themselves, and they wanted to work with us!

To Make A Long Story Short With Many Thanks

Well, to make a long story short, we really just want to say thank you to Sweetsmith Candy Co. If you hadn’t reached out, we wouldn’t be able to work with such an amazing company to directly impact the availability of sweets for everyone.


So, here’s to you, and thank you for helping make our Bumble Bee Baskets the best gift baskets in Calgary.