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7 Unspoken Rules You Need to Follow During the Calgary Stampede

With July fast approaching, one of the biggest events in Canada is soon to be underway: The Calgary Stampede. This fun and unique cultural event can be incredibly exciting, but there are some unspoken rules you’ll want to follow for maximum enjoyment and safety. Remember that large crowds of people can often become confusing or disorienting, so it’s important to ground yourself and have a plan should you run into trouble.

1 – Have Your Calgary Stampede Tickets Ready!

calgary stampede blog imageYou’re probably thinking, “of course you need a ticket, everyone knows that!” In truth, you’d be amazed how many people forget or otherwise don’t know that you need tickets for events.

From the rodeo show to live music at the Coca-Cola stage, The Calgary Stampede has plenty to do. On the event’s website, you can purchase advance tickets for individual events. You can also get a Super Pass, which is $39 and grants access to everything The Stampede has to offer.

Be sure you’ve got the right tickets for the events you wish to attend. Tickets will also be sold at the gate and entry points to specific events. Either way, you’ll need a ticket to attend.

2 – Be Aware of Your Surroundings

The sad truth of our modern age is that things can go very wrong very quickly. With large crowds, it’s impossible to predict the behavior of the crowd itself as well as individuals within the crowd. Paying attention to your surroundings becomes critical for your safety but your overall experience. No one has a good time when they get hurt.

If something should startle the crowd, it can result in a stampede (and not the one you came to see). Stampedes can leave individuals trapped or even trampled underfoot. If the crowd should begin to panic for any reason, it’s vital that you find somewhere to quickly and calmly get out of the way of the mass of bodies.

Staying aware of who and what is around you can help you make split-second decisions in the event of a disaster. Fire, criminal activity, or accidents are all possibilities when people gather in large numbers. Keep your head about you, your eyes open, and your senses sharp, and you’ll be able to react swiftly to prevent injury or harm.

Report suspicious activity to your nearest law enforcement officer or security guard to prevent harmful activity in the first place!

3 – Bring Extra Money

There will be vendors of all kinds at The Calgary Stampede, and you wouldn’t want to be left without any extra cash to purchase snacks, beverages, or even souvenirs. Keeping extra cash or a bank/credit card with you will ensure that you won’t need to borrow money or otherwise miss out on an opportunity.

Carrying cash may not be the safest route, nor the most convenient. In fact, a good option for events such as this is a prepaid Visa card. You can load the card with money, and if it gets lost or stolen, you’ll only lose the amount you put on the card, rather than putting your entire bank account at risk.

4 – Watch Your Children

We’ve all been to an event where a certain parent (or two) are preoccupied with the entertainment and lose track of their child. This can cause panic and frustration not only for the parents but for law enforcement or any other parties that will have to be recruited to locate the child.

Be sure you know where your child is at all times, and if they’re under the age of 10-13, it’s best to not let them wander around alone. There will likely be thousands of people present at the Stampede, so getting lost is a real danger for any children attending the event.

You can also set a safe spot that the entire family agrees on in case you do get separated. It’s an easy way to cut down the panic of separation.

5 – Be Courteous

With so many people around you, you’re likely going to get bumped or push in the surge of the crowd. It’s important to remember to be courteous to those around you, and understand that someone who bumps into you is likely not doing it to be confrontational.

When there is alcohol involved, tempers can flare quickly. Being courteous to the people around you can prevent potential problems, and keep everyone in a calm and relaxed mood. Saying things like, “excuse me,” will let people know you bumped them by accident and meant no harm.

6 – Expect Long Lines

There’s nothing worse than standing in a long line, especially if you’re waiting on food. The important thing to do is to expect long lines at such events. If you expect them, you can be ready to better navigate them with reduced frustration.

Snacking beforehand can help lessen your need for snacks or meals. If you truly must stand in line, be patient. Remember that the employees working the food stands and other vendors shops are doing their absolute best to keep lines moving!

7 – Stay Hydrated

While the summer heat can be incredibly relaxing and uplifting, without proper hydration, it can also be dangerous. Be sure to drink lots of water throughout the day. Try to avoid too many sugary drinks, as they can further your dehydration.

Dehydration can lead to heat stroke and fatigue, which can be dangerous if not treated quickly. If you’re bringing children with you, be sure they’re also hydrated. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to the effects of heat stroke.

If things go wrong, don’t forget that we offer an amazing Calgary Stampede Hangover Helper. Don’t worry, we won’t tell the story every holiday, but we will deliver the basket.

Memories Are Made at The Calgary Stampede

Having a memorable experience at Calgary Stampede means staying safe, hydrated, and courteous. Be sure to follow these seven unspoken rules so you can avoid any issues, keep your body healthy, and enjoy the shows. We wish you luck, go have some fun!