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5 Quick and Easy Halloween Ideas Your Kids Will Love


If you’ve got a crafty little witch or warlock at home, these five quick and easy Halloween ideas are sure to fill them with Halloween spirit! From donut spiders to lollipop ghosts, we’ve got your spooky needs covered this Halloween. Keep reading to learn more about these awesome crafts! 

  1. Donut Spiders 

What’s better than a few spooky spiders to give everyone the chills? Spooky spiders you can eat, of course! These simple craft spiders are fun to make and become the perfect edible treat for kids of all ages. Best of all, they’re simple and quick. 

All you need are some donut holes, Reese’s Pieces (or other small candy-coated chocolates) and pretzels (preferably the traditional shape; straight pretzels don’t work as well). Break off eight curved pieces of pretzel and stick four into each side of the donut hole, pointed down. When all eight legs are attached, the “spider” should stand on its own. 

Then, add the “eyes” (candy-coated chocolates), and you’ve got a spooky treat for everyone to enjoy! 

  1. Mason Jar Ghosts

Perhaps the most simple of Halloween craft projects, this one is both fun and easy; taking little more than a few minutes to complete. You’ll need a mason jar(s), white and black paint, and a brush. Paint the entire jar white, then add some ghostly faces using the black paint once the white layer dries. You can top off the jar around the top with some twine to give it that extra crafty look. 

  1. Spider Soap

This project only requires three ingredients: a glycerin soap base (you can get these on Amazon), square soap mold, and some plastic spiders that you can get pretty much anywhere during the Halloween season. 

Heat the soap base in a pan or glass measuring cup until it becomes liquified; then, pour the liquified soap base into the soap mold (don’t forget to add your spiders before you pour!). Let the mold cool for a few hours, then pop out your new spider-infested soap bars! You can add as many spiders as you want for a spookier bar. 

  1. Halloween Candy Figurines

Halloween candy is much more than just a yummy treat; it can even be a craft material as well! You’ll need to get a few bags of mini candy bars, some super glue, and those small spherical chocolates that have ghost or ghoul faces on the wrappers. 

Glue four candy bars to a central candy (in the shape of a humanoid body) and then add the spherical “head” to the top of the central candy bar. Let the glue dry for a few minutes, and you’ll have a super-spooky Halloween figure made entirely out of candy! 

  1. Lollipop Ghosts

This easy craft will add chilling detail to your favorite lollipops or suckers. You can use Tootsie Pops or even Dum-Dum suckers for this project, as their spherical shape makes them easier to work with. You will need a black Sharpie marker, some tissues, lollipops, and some white bread ties. 

Put a tissue over the top of the lollipop, pulling it taut and securing the tissue to the lollipop stick with the white bread tie. Then, using the black Sharpie marker, add some spooky faces. You can be creative with your faces, and once you’re done, you’ll have a pretty spooky sucker to hand out or keep for your own little ghosts! 

Fun In Crafting 

Crafts are excellent ways for kids to engage in brain-stimulating activities while interacting with their favorite adults. These Halloween crafts are cheapy, easy, and take only a few minutes to make, and will make your next Halloween project a family favorite.