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When (and Why) to Send Clients Gifts

Your clients are the heartbeat of your business, and sending them a simple gift can be a great way to let them know just how much you appreciate their patronage. Even the simplest things like a gift card, gift basket, or even a set of new wine glasses can say a lot. When you send clients gifts, you’re making a statement: I value you. So, when (and why) should you sent clients gifts to begin with?

Why Send Clients Gifts?

Why should you send gifts? It’s simple, really. Because it’s a nice thing to do, and makes your clients feel good. In business, it can be challenging to look past the numbers sometimes and remember that you’re working with people, and people want to feel valued and appreciated.

Not to mention, when you give someone a gift, that helps them remember you and your brand. If it’s something practical, each time your client uses that item, they’ll remember your name. This is a great way to set yourself apart from the competition and create a more personalized relationship with clients.

People remember when others go out of their way for them, and sending a gift isn’t something every business does for its clients.

When You Should Send Clients Gifts

We’ve established the why of sending clients gifts, but when is the best time to do so? Believe it or not, the holidays is actually not a great time to send a client a gift. You might feel pressured to do so during “the season of giving”, but it’s actually better to hold off and make your gits more meaningful.

When you send a gift during the holidays, it may seem to the client that you’re only sending one out of holiday obligation. A seemingly obligatory gift carries much less value than one given intentionally.

A better time to send a gift would be when your client experiences a life event, such as a promotion, a marriage, or the birth of a child. You can also send a gift after you’ve closed an important deal with your client or if you’re in real estate after you’ve sold them a home. Housewarming gifts are great ways to say “thank you for your business and welcome to your new home”.

Try to make your gifts as intentional as possible. Avoid busy holiday season gifts, and if you feel you must give a gift during this time, make it something practical your client can use to help set you apart from the other gift-givers.

People Matter In Business

Perhaps the most compelling reason to send clients gifts is simply that people matter to your business. Your clients are the backbone of your operation, so you should be doing everything in your power to make them feel loved, appreciated, and valued. When you treat people as just another number in your checkbook, they tend to feel less excited about working with you.

Put yourself in the client’s shoes and imagine working with someone who’s cold, uncaring, and seems like they’re only out for the money that comes with the relationship. Is that a compelling reason to work with them? Or are you looking for client/business relationships that help you grow?

Say Thank You

If your clients send you a gift in return, you should always say thank you; whether it’s writing a thank you letter or note, sending an email, or even following up with a phone call. The important thing is that you acknowledge that they sent you a gift and let them know you appreciate their efforts.

Relationships are built on trust and understanding, and these are things that should be valued above all else. Focus your efforts on building more concrete and functional relationships with your clients, and you’ll find that more business comes to you. After all, the better you treat a person, the more positive things they’ll have to say about you.

The Bottom Line

Sending clients gifts lets them know you care, so don’t be afraid to take the leap and make a more personalized gift for them. Remember that the more intentional your gifts are, the greater the impact they’ll have on the client. Avoid busy gift-giving times and opt instead for times of special significance to the client. Check out our collection of gift baskets for great gift ideas! Happy gift-giving!