St. Patrick’s Gift Ideas: Quarantinis, Gifts, and More!

This St. Patrick’s Day, make it a special day with a great gift from our list. These St. Patrick’s gift ideas are perfect for loved ones, friends, and significant others. Embrace the green because on St. Patty’s day, everyone is Irish! Let’s dive into our list of the best gifts to give this holiday.

1. Quarantinis

Quarantine might have separated us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy each other’s company. Luckily for us, there are plenty of tech tools to keep us connected. So, crack open a bottle and take a look at this delicious gift idea: the quarantiniThis tasty cocktail is the best way to boost your immunity and quench your St. Patty’s day thirst. All you need is vodka or gin, honey, water, and a source of vitamin C, such as lemon/lime juice.

This is the perfect celebration drink to share with friends over Zoom or in small groups (check your local guidelines). This St. Patrick’s gift idea is perfect for anyone looking to celebrate and boost their immunity!

2. A Gift Basket From Bumble Bee Baskets

Who doesn’t love a gift basket any time of the year? We have hundreds of baskets for every occasion, and although we don’t carry a specific St. Patty’s day basket, we have plenty of options. If you’re looking for some great wine to enjoy, check out our VIP Wine Gift Basket.

This awesome basket includes delicious wine, wine glasses, tasty snacks like cheese and crackers, and more. Or, if you’re looking for something more subtle, try our Mustache Jack basket, complete with premium Jack Daniels whiskey, Coca-Cola, and dipping pretzels. It’s the perfect St. Patrick’s gift idea for the whiskey lover in your life! You can find all of these great baskets and more in our online shop. Just click the logo in your left-hand corner and check out our page.

3. Pot O’ Gold Chocolate Treats

This is a deliciously simple gift idea that requires just a few ingredients. You’ll need a plastic cauldron or pot, gold foil-wrapped chocolates, and a clever place to hide your pot. This is a great gift for people of all ages, and kiddos love it! Have them scour the house for the Leprechaun’s pot o’ gold this St. Patty’s day. When they find it, they’ll have plenty of delicious chocolate to feast on.

It’s also great for adults. Put it at the end of the bed to wake your spouse up with their favorite chocolates. Leave a few of these on your neighbors’ doorsteps, or on your loved ones’ porches. Everyone loves a surprise, and what’s a better surprise than delicious chocolate? This St. Patrick’s gift idea is easy, tasty, and is sure to please.

4. Kiss Me Basket For Your Spouse or Significant Other

Chocolate is always a winner, and with this adorable “Kiss Me” homemade basket, you’re sure to land a few kisses whether you’re Irish or not! All you need are some Hershey Kisses, a basket, and some crafting experience. You can attach clovers or other green decorations to the basket, but the most important part is the “kiss me” label. Cut out green construction paper for the background, attach it to the background, and then glue your letters on. You can find pre-cut letters at any craft store, but you can also make these yourself.

Once you’ve done this, fill the basket with Hershey Kisses and deliver! It’s sure to bring a smile (and a kiss or two) to your spouse or significant other.

5. Your Time

What’s the best St. Patrick’s gift idea? It might seem silly, but it’s your time. Loved ones, friends, and other people in your life often just want to spend time with you. They like gifts, but they love you, and giving them your time is free, rewarding, and great for everyone. You can take a walk in a park, do a craft project together, or just sit and catch up on things over a Quarantini. It’s the simplest St. Patrick’s gift idea, but perhaps the best on the list.

Enjoy the Holiday!

Enjoy your St. Patty’s day, and remember to be safe and responsible! Enjoy these fun gift ideas, and remember to come back for more lists for future holidays.