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O Canada! 7 Ways to Celebrate Canada Day

July 1st is right around the corner, and you know what that means! Canada Day is one of our greatest holidays, celebrating Canada’s birth as a nation and its diversity as a people. On this day, in 1867, the British North America act united the northern British Colonies under one banner, creating the nation of Canada as we know it. 

Though independence from British rule didn’t come right away, eventually our great nation became an independent country and we have plenty to be proud of. As a leader in education, maple syrup production (70% of the world’s syrup comes from us!), and natural beauty, Canada is definitely something to be celebrated. 

But enough about history and production, let’s get to the point. Here are seven ways to celebrate Canada Day! 

1. Calgary Canada Day Celebration 

The city of Calgary usually hosts a Canada Day celebration, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, there’s a chance that this year’s celebration could be canceled. However, the city will be hosting a one-hour long digital concert on July 1st that you can attend. 

Calgary works hard to ensure the safety of its community members, which is why the city will be following COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the federal government. One of the best ways to celebrate Canada Day and the pride of our nation is to work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep everyone safe! 

2. Decorate Your House 

Of course, what would a Canada Day celebration be without some wonderful house decorations? It’s time to pull out your Canadian flag and decorate the house and yard in red and white to show your pride for our country. 

From flowerbeds to colored stones, streamers, flags, and even painted lawn chairs, there are literally dozens of decoration ideas to help you deck out the house for July 1st. Take a look at this list of some amazing party decoration ideas for your home. 

3. Wear Red and White

One of the easiest ways to celebrate Canada Day is by simple wearing red and white to show your pride. You can even dress up the kiddos up as well to enjoy the day! A cool craft project is to make red and white paper hats that the kiddos can wear to show their pride. 

4. Put Up Christmas Lights and Turn Them on at 10

The city of Calgary will be turning on its Christmas lights around 10 pm in solidarity with fellow Canadians. If you have red and white Christmas lights you can put up on your house, be sure to turn them on just after dark to help light up Calgary with Canadian pride. 

This is a small gesture of pride, but it looks great when the entire city takes part. The more people that participate, the better! Christmas lights are cheap and are available all year ‘round online if you can’t find them in stores. 

5. Host A BBQ On Canada Day

Before you host any kind of gathering, be sure to check the city and federal guidelines for COVID-19. If guidelines allow, you can participate in a classic Canada Day celebration: a BBQ! Whether you’re grilling ribs, burgers and dogs, or steak, sit back and relax by the grill and enjoy a tasty Canada Day meal. 

Nothing says summertime like the smell of charcoal and grilling meat, and nothing says Canadian Pride like getting together with your friends and neighbors to celebrate our country. 

6. Camping Trip

Some Canadians prefer the glory and splendour of Canada’s natural wonders. Canada is beautiful for its people, its great diverse cities, and most of all, its natural beauty. From the Canadian Rockies to the great Niagra Falls, enjoying Canada Day doesn’t have to mean sitting by a BBQ grill or watching fireworks. 

Take a camping trip into the wilds of Canada for the ultimate nature experience. You’ll find beautiful scenery, diverse climates, and so much more in Canada’s expansive wilderness. Just don’t go too far! 

7. Fireworks on Canada Day

While we may not be able to gather in large groups, there are cities that will still host fireworks displays in honor of Canada Day; you just won’t be able to gather in a crowd to view them. Much like America’s Independence Day, Canada day is often celebrated with brilliant fireworks displays all over the country. 

You can enjoy the light show from the comfort of your home via the TV or outside your house if you’re close to the action. Remember to stay safe, drink responsibly, and follow all federal guidelines for gathering. Happy Canada Day!