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Making Perfect Wedding Gifts With Build-A-Basket

Spring is wedding season and we are overjoyed by all the happy couples tying the knot, and stepping over the threshold of matrimonial bliss!

If you know someone who is getting married soon, gift baskets make a great wedding gift idea. His and Hers gift baskets are a fun option, but wedding gifts should be creative and think outside the basket a bit.

Picking the Right Basket

There are so many options to choose from. And while a sturdy wicker basket is a traditional option, there are alternative options. A small wooden chest is one good option. Another clever option is to pack your gifts into a large mixing bowl, or even a fruit bowl. Newlyweds will likely need quite a few household items, and why not choose a functional basket? It’s quite thoughtful in our opinion.

Building to Suit with our Build a Basket Tool

This is a wedding gift, so you want to make sure that you are choosing gifts that will be useful and appreciated by both the bride and the groom. Consider their interests and taste in decor. Consider their favorite foods and beverages. A wedding gift should be personal and heartfelt, and the right gift will be appreciated greatly.

Check out our build a basket function to see all of the great options we have to offer!

If you’re not sure what sort of gifts to buy the bride and groom to be, check out this helpful blog for some tips on how to pick the right gift for anyone!

Classic Wedding Gift Basket Items

If you’re looking for a few ideas to get started, we are here to help. Every wedding gift basket should contain:

  • A Bottle of Wine or Champagne
  • Wine Glasses or Champagne Flutes
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Coffee, Tea, and Sweets
  • A few Gourmet Items
  • Other Small Items Such as Kitchen Utensils

These are great options that will not only be well appreciated, but gifts like towels and kitchen themed items are great because they are also functional, and something that every new married couple needs. The wine and champagne are a romantic touch, and who doesn’t love a warm beverage from time to time? If you have a specific item that you would like to include that is not on our site, give us a call and we will gladly hunt it down for you!