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How Much Should You Spend on Client Gifts?

The topic of sending clients gifts is one of heated debate. Some believe you should never send a gift, that doing business is enough, while others believe you should lavish your clients with gifts and thank you’s to show your appreciation. The truth is, the amount of money you spend on a client gift is a matter of personal preference, but there are some rules you might want to follow when gift-giving.

Not sure what to give your client or how much to spend? You’re in the right place. Today we’re going to cover how much is too much, when to give a gift, and why client gift-giving is great for solidifying new and old relationships alike.

The Why

The first consideration when you’re giving a client a gift is the why. Why are you giving them a gift? Is it because you feel obligated to make an impression on a new client, or are you just feeling generous? Are you looking to show them how genuinely grateful you are for their business? Perhaps you’ve known them for several years and just appreciate them as a person.

Narrowing down your “why” can help you decide how much is appropriate to spend on a gift. You probably wouldn’t buy a $200 gift for a client you only had a few interactions with. Some people wouldn’t even buy a $200 gift for clients they’ve known for decades, and that’s ok, too.

It’s up to you to decide why you want to send a gift, and even then, it should be something that’s personal to the client. Maybe you just sold your first house, and you want to send a housewarming gift. Our Journey gift basket is perfect for such an occasion.

Choosing The Right Gift

Choosing the right gift for your client can take some serious consideration. After all, you might not know them very well on a personal level. That’s why it’s so important to listen when your clients talk. They’ll likely mention some kind of personal detail or hobby during casual conversation.

For example, maybe you’re discussing a deal and they mention that they haven’t had coffee yet because their coffee maker at home has been broken. What better way to say thank you for their business than by replacing the broken coffee maker? After all, some of us can’t function properly without our morning brew (am I right coffee lovers?).

If you prefer, you can flat out ask a client if they need something for their office, new home, or in general. Most people will say “I don’t need anything”, and when that happens, you can choose something like a gift basket with good food. Who can say no to good food?

The Cost of Client Gifts

Ultimately, the amount you spend on a client gift comes down to personal preference, but narrowing down your why and what your client might actually need can help you formulate a good price range. Anything over $100 is usually a pretty serious gift, so be sure you want to spend that much before diving in. There’s a chance an expensive gift will make a client uncomfortable as well, so keep that in mind.

If you’re uncertain, keep your gifts around the $20-40 range. This is a good price range because it’s not so expensive that it’ll make the client uncomfortable, and you won’t take a financial hit from it. Giving gifts is something of an art, and the more personal the gift is, the more it will mean to the recipient.

The bottom line is that giving a client gift is a personal choice, and the cost of that gift comes down to personal preference. How much are you comfortable spending on a client? You don’t necessarily need to spend a small fortune to give a meaningful gift. Getting to know your clients and paying attention to their interests and needs is the best way to find the right gift.

When in doubt, go with a gift basket!

We Have Gifts For Every Occasion

A gift basket is a perfect gift for housewarming, weddings, father’s and mother’s day, and every other occasion you can think of! You can even use our gift basket tool to create your own custom basket. Surprise your clients with a fully-customized basket full of their favorite things!

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