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Gift Ideas for Teachers (2020 School Year Prep)

With the new school year rapidly approaching, we’re going to see some serious changes in educational procedures. To show your teachers how much you appreciate them, check out our gift ideas for teachers below. These gifts are practical, adorable, and the perfect way to let a teacher know just how valuable they are to you and your family.

A Gift Basket

Of course, gift baskets are always a great gift for any occasion. At Bumble Bee Baskets, we offer amazing gift baskets of all sizes, with fully customizable options. You can also try out our build your own basket feature if you’re feeling adventurous.

A gift basket is a simple and flexible gift option for teachers. Try the Be Crateful basket, the Chocolate Feast for chocolate lovers, or Gourmet Splendor basket to really show your appreciation. We have hundreds of basket options, customizations, and ingredients to choose from. We also offer curbside pickup and delivery options.

A Good Book

Who appreciates a good book more than a teacher? Books can be full of wonder, information, and adventure. You can opt for a book to use in class or something that’s tailored more towards the teacher’s specific interests. Does he or she love adventure? Romance? Intrigue? Finding the right book doesn’t have to be a mystery, either. Ask the teacher what he or she likes, pay attention to the books they have on-hand, and head to bookstores to get recommendations from staff members.

You can also look at ranked lists online, such as The 100 Greatest Novels Ever Written

Gift Idea For Teachers: A Personalized Stamp

This unique gift idea for teachers can let your teacher know you appreciate them while still providing them with a practical tool to use in the classroom. Stamps can include a teacher’s name, or some other personalized phrase such as, “ Great job from {teacher’s name}. “

Stamps are discreet but practical, and they won’t break the bank!


Candles might seem like a cliche gift, but they actually are well-appreciated by teachers, parents, and people of all ages. A good scented candle can ignite memories, create a pleasant relaxing feeling, and foster a more pleasant learning environment. Candles come in all shapes, sizes, scents, and materials.

You can get beeswax candles, soy candles, and more. Try scents like clean linen, pumpkin spice, vanilla, apple spice, and more to give the classroom a pleasant aroma.

Coffee Tumbler

A coffee tumbler is the perfect gift idea for teachers that love their morning cup of joe. Customized tumblers can say thank you for all you do while giving your teacher a practical tool they can use for years to come. The problem with mugs is that they aren’t mobile, so try a tumbler instead. That way, your teacher can bring their coffee to class and feel awake and energized throughout the day!

Custom Tote Bag

Your teacher likely has plenty of books and forms and other supplies to carry to and from the classroom, so a customized tote bag can be just the thing to say thank you. A tote bag can come in various sizes, but your teacher probably needs a larger one for all of their books!

You can customize the bag with their name, a phrase, the name of the school, or just about anything else! Maybe they’d like a literature-themed bag or some kind of fandom art printed on it. The best way to find out is to pay attention to what they like to read or the TV shows they watch.

Your Time

This gift costs nothing but can mean a lot to your teacher or your child’s teacher. Teachers are often overwhelmed during a typical school day, and they still have to clean up the room after teaching for several hours at a time! Lending your time to help with the cleanup effort can be a meaningful gift that your teacher won’t soon forget.

Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love a nice relaxing bath at the end of a long day? What could possibly make the bath better? A bath bomb, of course! Bath bombs are fun and provide pleasant scents to the bathwater, making the relaxation time all the more pleasant.

We offer our own twist on bath bombs that you’re sure to love! Try the Spa Day basket to give your teacher a spa experience from the comfort of home.

Thank You

On behalf of all of us at Bumble Bee Baskets, we’d like to thank the teachers in our education system for their continued sacrifices and effort in educating our children. You are truly the underappreciated heroes of society, and for that, we thank you!