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Client Retention: When Does it Make Sense to Send a Thank You Gift?

Sending a thank you gift to a client can help to solidify the relationship you’ve formed over the course of your professional relationship. Whether it’s for a referral or just for giving you their business, sending a thank you gift lets clients know you appreciate them, and when it’s a practical gift, it can make an even bigger difference in their opinion of you. 


So, when should you send a thank you gift to help retain clients? Let’s take a closer look at when you should send a gift, what it will mean to the client, and why sending the right gift makes it worthwhile. 


Referrals are one of the best ways to expand your business and gain new clients, and they usually come from satisfied current or previous clients. Keeping your clients happy and providing excellent customer service all but guarantees they’ll be happy to refer you to their friends, family, and colleagues. 


When someone new utilizes your services because of a client referral, it makes sense to send a gift basket or other thank you gift as a small token of your gratitude. We have lots of thank you baskets that make the perfect gift for new client referrals! 


When you’re working in an industry like real estate, referrals are everything. You’ll find new clients, build a reputation for excellence, and show that you work hard to serve your customers and find them the best deals possible. Don’t forget to thank your clients when they send new leads your way! 

New Client Gifts

If you’re servicing a new client and you’ve completed a deal, sending a quick thank you gift is the best way to let them know you value their business and appreciate the fact that they chose your business over the competition. 

When you gain new clients, differentiating yourself from your competitors is crucial. You’ll want to show them that you’re a cut above the rest and go above and beyond to make sure your clients feel happy and valued. Even something as simple as hand-written thank you note and a gift card can be a great way to let new clients know you value them and wish to continue your partnership. 

Closing A Big Deal

When you close your first career-shaking deal, it can be pretty exhilarating. Maybe you just sold your first multi-million dollar house or closed a deal that will help expand your company tenfold in the next few years. Whatever the case, saying thank you to the client who was a vital part of the deal is a crucial component in solidifying that relationship. 

When you close a big deal, send your client a gift basket, thank you card, or even something like a housewarming gift to let them know how valuable they are to you. 

Just Because 

You don’t actually need a reason to send a thank you gift. The fact that your client has chosen your services is enough of a reason to be thankful and send them a reminder of how valuable they are to you. 

Losing Clients 

Sending a thank you gift to a departing client can have just as profound an impact as sending one to a current client. When a client leaves your services, you still want to make sure you’re showing that you value their business and value them as a person. 

Even if the relationship ended on a sour note, a small thank you gift can really help solidify your client’s respect for you. This shows that you’re still grateful for their business and not concentrating on whatever terminated the relationship. Emotional maturity is something that everyone can appreciate, especially in business relationships. 

Client Gifts During The Holidays 

You can always use the holidays as the perfect time to send a client gift. Many businesses send out their annual client gifts during the holiday season, but some prefer to wait so as not to seem cliche. 

The entire point of gift-giving to a client is to make them feel like it’s personal, and during the holidays, everyone gives gifts. If you know a special date that means something to your client, such as an anniversary, it could be the perfect time to send a gift to show your appreciation.