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7 Amazing Family Day Adventures Everyone Can Enjoy

Family day takes place on the third Monday of February for Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick. For those of you in British Columbia, it falls on the second Monday of the month. What is family day? An awesome holiday for spending time with the people that mean the most to you. The trouble with these kinds of holidays is that there aren’t many open retail stores, restaurants, and other establishments. What’s open on family day? These seven adventures are perfect for you and your family to observe this much-anticipated holiday.


1. Stay In and Do Some Baking

This one is simple! Sometimes, spending time with the family is most meaningful when it’s time at home doing something everyone loves. Baking at home is a perfect way to spend time with your loved ones while creating some tasty treats! If you’re looking for some inspiration, try this list of the best cookie recipes for treats everyone will love.

2. Time to Visit the Spa!

Who doesn’t love a trip to the spa? Treat your mom, sister, aunt, or grandmother to a day at the spa where you ladies can catch up on life and everything that’s been happening. Don’t forget the guys on family day either! Your dad or brother might enjoy a nice relaxing massage or pampering at the spa as well. Check your local spas to see which ones are open on family day, as the hours may change depending on your area.

3. Calgary Glow Party

The city’s GLOW festival takes place on the weekend of family day this year, and it’s the perfect way to spend the evening with your loved ones. Doors open at 9PM, and it’s best to get there early so you can get a good spot! You’ll receive complimentary glowsticks and a music and light show that you won’t soon forget! With high-energy music, the festival lights up the night with an experience that you must see to believe.

Tickets are just $10 for early birds, so get yours today before they run out. Tickets can be purchased here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/calgary-glow-party-2020-saturday-feb-15-tickets-90735278661?fbclid=IwAR3qjgxpdeipnxlZ5YjXvBKF0UNZ3AwDTYGZ0nUEtXOsUAhB03KqG8S5dHw.

4. Winter Family Day Festival

Head to Toronto this family day for the Winter Family Day Festival, hosted at The International Centre. The three-day-long show is specifically structured for kids 12 and under, so bring the kiddos! Don’t forget nieces, nephews, grandkids, and distant relations; this is an event you won’t want to miss. With more than thirty inflatable rides, interactive activities, and even an escape room, this is an event that your kiddos will remember for years to come.

For more information, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/winter-family-day-festival-kidsfest-tickets-82747902203.

5. Family Day Outdoor Recreation at Blue Mountain Village

Who doesn’t love skiing or snowboarding on some of the best slopes around? Blue Mountain Village is located at 190 Gord Canning Drive in Blue Mountains, ON, and is offering a FREE family fun weekend for people of all ages starting Feb. 15th. For three days, you can ski, snowboard, and snowball-fight your way to some amazing memories for no cost to you!

For more information, visit https://www.bluemountain.ca/things-to-do/events/family-weekend.

6. Visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum

If you’re in Alberta and looking for something memorable to do on family day, this is it! With storytime starting at 11:15 and other activities like fossil casting, raptor assembly, and more, you can treat your family to some dinosaur-inspired awesomeness for three days! The Royal Tyrrell Museum is home to numerous fossils and exhibits, so you’ll want to pencil in this destination on your family day calendar.

7. Dinosaur Live at Markham Fairgrounds

If you didn’t get your fill of dinosaurs at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, it’s time to head to the Markham Fairgrounds in Southern Ontario for some scarily-realistic dinos! These moving, roaring, impressive animatronics will leave both the kiddos and the adults in your party wondering if they’re actually robots or the real thing.

The event goes all weekend, from the 15th to the 17th, and tickets are anywhere from $9-25 CA. You can get your tickets here: https://www.todocanada.ca/city/toronto/event/dinosaur-live/.

Make Family Day Memorable

Whatever you do for family day this year, the important thing is that you make it memorable. Family day is all about spending time with those you love, so the activity should be something everyone can enjoy! Whether you’re seeing almost living dinosaurs at the fairground or skiing in the Blue Mountains, treat your family to some much-needed quality time with these seven adventures.