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5 Ways to Show Mom You Care this Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is fast-approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about finding the best mother’s day gift. But with so many choices, what’s a person to do? Picking the right gift can be time-consuming, so we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a short list of five ways to show mom you care. 


You don’t always have to buy something for mom. Sometimes, a simple act of kindness or service is enough to let mom know just how much you love her. Let’s look closer at some of the best ways to show mom she’s the greatest. 

1. A Video Chat On Mother’s Day


During social isolation, it might be a bit more difficult to actually visit with mom, but she’ll undoubtedly appreciate some of your time anyway. This can be accomplished via video chat. There are dozens of video chat sites, and even social media sites like Facebook have a video chat feature. 


Video chatting with mom lets you see her face (and her yours!) and your childrens’ faces, if you have any. The incredible HD quality of most video chat tools will make it feel as though you’re in the same room (without the risk of spreading or catching COVID-19!). 


You can play a game, catch up on things, or just call to let mom know you love her and are thinking of her on this special day. 

2. A Gift Basket Makes A Great Mother’s Day Gift 


Who doesn’t love a gift basket with their favourite candy, wine, or salty treats? Gift baskets make the perfect mother’s day gift for their simplicity and variety. We’ve even introduced a build-a-basket tool on our site, so if you don’t prefer any of our pre-made baskets, you can design one mom will absolutely love. 


We have plenty of pre-made designs available, and we are still open during the COVID-19 outbreak. We offer delivery and curbside pickup in the Calgary area. You can visit our website or call for more information (403.201.1166). 


3. A Photo Collage


Moms love family photos, and collages can now be created digitally if you don’t feel like printing out dozens of photos. Some tools like Google Photos have a built-in editing tool (though only minor edits can be made). This makes it possible to create the perfect collage as a mother’s day gift. Remember the year at the beach when a crab nipped your toe? There’s a picture for that. How about your first bike ride? How about your childrens’ first walk? 


Mom will absolutely love a special collage. You can even include some of your old home videos as a way to say thanks to the special lady in your life that raised you. 

4. Homemade Cards, Sweets, or Other Gifts 


Purchasing gits is certainly a legitimate way to say I love you on mother’s day, but sometimes, a hand-crafted gift just has that extra-special touch to it. If you have children, enlisting their help can make mom feel loved by everyone in the family. Homemade cards are a great place to start, and they’ll probably end up on moms’ fridge for everyone to see! 


If you’re not keen on making cards, you can bake cookies, a cake, or make your own sweets. Nothing is sweeter than a delicious chocolate cookie or brownies for mother’s day! Figure out what mom’s favourite sweets or candies are, and then make them at home.

5. Write Her A Letter 


Sometimes, we just can’t find the words to say through speech. We love mom, we value her, but it just doesn’t seem to translate when we’re talking. That’s where a letter comes in. A hand-written letter expressing how you feel about mom is much more impactful than a card. Here, you can say whatever you like; something that’s been bothering you, why you love mom so much, and so on. 


You can either hand-write your letter with a pen/pencil or send it in email format. For some people, getting mail in their mailbox is exciting, and if mom is old-fashioned, she’ll love this approach! 

Have A Great Mother’s Day! 


If we’re still stuck in social isolation when Mother’s Day comes, don’t forget to let mom know you care! Whether you’re writing a letter, giving her a call or hosting a video chat, or sending a gift basket, let mom know you love her on Mother’s Day. 


We are still delivering to the Calgary area and offering curbside pickup for any of our baskets. Remember to try our build-a-basket tool if you want a more customized experience.