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5 Ways to Give Back to Calgary this Holiday Season

Looking to give back to Calgary this holiday season? You’ve come to the right place. As a Calgary business, we pride ourselves on giving back to the community through volunteer opportunities and more. You didn’t think we just sold gift baskets, did you? Bumble Bee Baskets is committed to creating a stable, united community that celebrates its diversity and provides resources for those in need. It’s traditional during the holidays to give back, and we’re going to show you how.

Of course, there are no hard rules about how you can give back to the community. If you can volunteer even a small amount of your time to help out another person or a family in need, you’re doing a great service. Our global community needs more people who want to give back.

1. Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen

The holidays are full of feasting, merry-making, and excess for many of us. The commercialism of the holidays has caused many of us to forget what it’s all about: helping others. Good spirits. Peace to our fellow man. One of the easiest ways to give back to the community is to donate your time. In this case, to a Calgary soup kitchen. The Community Kitchen Program of Calgary is an amazing organization, and one that you can easily donate your time and efforts to give back to the community.

One out of ten Alberta families struggle with food insecurity, so the CKPC aims to reduce hunger by providing low-cost foods, education, and resources for families. Some programs are aimed at teaching kids (and adults) healthy eating and cooking habits. Others are aimed at providing a safe and secure environment with food and good people for those who are struggling. The unfortunate truth is that not everyone has abundance during the holidays. In the colder months, a lack of food can be incredibly disheartening.

Let’s help Alberta’s families by giving our time to a local soup kitchen or food program.

2. Give Back To Calgary With Secret Santa

The Seniors Secret Service program is a volunteer program that wraps and sends gifts to thousands of lonely seniors each year. The program has been noted in several news outlets, and recipients of the gifts love them. People 60 and older who don’t have much family or spend time alone on the holidays can get hand-wrapped gifts delivered to them through this wonderfully charitable program. You too can sign up to be a secret Santa, and provide amazing gifts for people in need. Seniors often feel isolated during the holidays, so the act of sending a simple gift can help.

Working with organizations like Meals on Wheels, Trinity Place Foundation, and more, The SSS reaches far and wide across Calgary and Alberta. In operation since 1985, the people behind this wonderful program have been providing gifts to seniors of all ages and all walks of life. Visit the website today if you’d like to become a secret Santa and make someone’s holiday that much better.

3. Answer A Letter To Santa

Each year, millions of children across Canada and the world write to Santa. From the youngest writers to pre-teens and beyond, kids of all ages love to write to Santa to ask for special gifts. This generations-old practice is kept intact by The Canada Post. With so many letters, the postal service depends largely on volunteers to read and answer the letters in the name of Santa himself. Get your red suit and hat ready, it’s time to step into the mythical man’s shoes and make someone very, very happy this holiday season. You can give back to Calgary with this simple act of kindness.

This simple but generous act can truly brighten a child’s holiday season. You can also help children in your area write to Santa themselves. Just make sure to include the correct address:

Santa Claus
North Pole
H0H 0H0

4. Donate A Gift Basket To A Family In Need

Gift baskets make for excellent gifts for any occasion. We should know! One of the best ways to give back this holiday season is by donating a gift basket to a family in need. Maybe they’re in need of food or don’t have the money to purchase gifts. We have dozens of baskets to choose from. basket delivery is only $15 in Calgary, and are guaranteed for same-day delivery in the Calgary area. If you need more information on our shipping policies, go here.

5. Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter

Emergency shelters are always in need of food, clothing, supplies, and volunteers. The Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter is one such organization that you can donate to this holiday season. Familial violence is an unfortunate reality in Calgary, and the victims of such need somewhere safe, warm, and secure to go. Without the proper supplies, this vital organization can’t serve the thousands of women and families it services each year.

You can volunteer your time, supplies, or even money on the website or in-person. Visit the website today for more information.

Give Back To Calgary All Year

Give back to Calgary. This is such a great way to say thank you to the community. Volunteer work can help increase your empathy for others and bring you closer to members of your community. Each of these five examples is perfect for any time of the year, but especially for this holiday season with COVID-19 still on our doorstep. People need help, and those of us that can help, should.