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5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day (That Aren’t Zoom Parties)

While the COVID-19 pandemic might be keeping us at home still, there’s no reason we can’t celebrate the holiday of love with the people who matter most. Whether you’re spending it with a partner or a loved one, these are the five ways to celebrate valentine’s day that don’t include Zoom parties.

1. A Romantic Dinner For Two

You just can’t go wrong with a classic dinner for two setup on Valentine’s Day. You’ll be able to share an intimate meal, whether it’s home-cooked or take-out, with no distractions. If you have children with your partner, be sure to hire a sitter so dinner can be just for you! Is there a favourite spot you two love? Perhaps a favourite restaurant? Be sure to research your local and federal COVID restrictions before making any plans!

A romantic dinner can be as simple as cooking together at home and lighting a few candles. Put on your favorite song, or perhaps your song that played at your wedding/when you met. Setting the mood helps ensure that romantic dinner is just right and really ignites that romance. Oh, and don’t forget to cook his or her favorite meal for that extra special touch.

2. Rent A Movie Theatre

We can’t go to the movies like we used to, but that’s alright, because many theatres are allowing for private rentals. If your significant other loves going to the movies, consider renting out a private theatre for an intimate showing just for two on Valentine’s day. You’ll get to see the latest blockbuster in a completely intimate environment without all the buzz of other people, and you’ll get to flex that super romantic muscle by renting out an entire theatre just for him or her. Who doesn’t love to be spoiled a bit, anyway?

Most theatre rentals cost around $100-$200, but you’ll want to check your local theatres for options. AMC is one theatre company that provides private rentals, and is rated as one of the top movie theatre destinations in the country.

3. A Virtual Wine Tasting

Everyone loves the scenic ambiance of an adorable winery tucked into the forest, but COVID keeps most of these establishments pretty restricted. For the wine connoisseurs out there, there’s another option: virtual wine tasting. Ok, so maybe we did say no Zoom meetings, but this isn’t your run-of-the-mill quarterly sales meeting for work. You can pick up a box of fine vintage from your favorite winery ahead of time, set up a comfortable spot at home, and taste some fine wine with other wine lovers without risking your health.

Check with your local winery to see if this is an option, and, if it’s not, maybe it’s time to start a new trend! Celebrate Valentine’s day with delicious wine and the one you love.

4. A Delicious, Adorable Gift Basket for Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t love a gift basket full of yummy chocolates, adorable flowers, and other delicious edibles? We sure do! Bumble Bee baskets offers dozens of options for every occasion, and our Valentine’s Day lineup simply can’t be ignored. Try this scrumptious For the Love of Mocha basket, complete with two mugs, premium coffee, chocolate cigars, and more. Or, if you’re feeling more romantic, send her this Love You More gift basket, with caramel, chocolates, and much more.

At the end of the day, you just can’t go wrong with a gift basket. Bumble Bee Baskets is the Calgary area’s top gift basket provider, and we deliver!

5. Relive Your First Date

With many COVID-19 restrictions lifting across the country, we’re sure to see opportunities to visit some of our favorite spots that have been missing from our schedule. A great way to surprise your partner is by taking them on a date. But this isn’t just any date, you’re headed to the place where you had your very first date. Relive the magic of the moment when you first met your spouse or significant other. This wonderfully nostalgic approach will leave them gushing with love and appreciation for everything you do, and for the lovely history you’ve shared together.

This is especially great for older couples who have a few decades between them and the first date. Reliving that moment can reignite the passion in your relationship and give you something amazing to talk about over dinner!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

From all of us at Bumble Bee Baskets, we wish you a happy, healthy Valentine’s Day full of love, support, and delicious treats!