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5 Ways Realtors Can Make a Lasting Impression Through Gift-Giving

Does gift-giving matter in realty?

Realtors can do a lot to make a good impression on new clients. Whether you’ve been in the industry for ten years or ten days, making your clients feel special can build bridges that last a lifetime. Gifts don’t have to be expensive. Even something as simple as a card can go a long way in the mind of a new client.

Why should you give gifts though? How does that make an impression in the mind of a client? Let’s look closer at five ways you can make a long-lasting impression through gift-giving.

1. Showing Your Professional Quality With Gift-Giving

The more professional you are in your position, the more respect you’ll command both with clients and colleagues. Professionalism is a must in just about every industry, but in the realty business, it’s your life’s blood. There’s nothing casual about finding clients a new permanent home, a temporary rental, or new office space. In most cases, you’re finding somewhere for clients to house themselves and their families. In other cases, you’re helping them locate a new business location. The point remains the same; you’re fulfilling a vital function.

With gift-giving, you can set yourself apart from your competitors by showing your professional quality. Once you’ve completed a sale, a house-warming gift is a nice touch to the transaction. It says, “I value your business, and I hope you enjoy your new property”. 

2. What Kind Of Gifts Are Right?

Gift-giving doesn’t have to be a touchy or complex process. You’re not looking to buy your clients a diamond ring or a new Corvette. All you need to do is let them know you’re grateful for their business with a simple touch of kindness. Something like one of our corporate gift baskets, a thank-you card with a gift card to their favorite restaurant, or a practical item for their new home is just right in most cases.

The same way a great gift can leave a lasting professional impression, a poor gift can leave a bad taste in a client’s mouth. Things that are overly-expensive often make people uncomfortable, and inappropriate or “humorous” gifts are something of a risk. There’s always a chance the recipient won’t find it funny or tasteful, which can be pretty awkward.

Pay attention to your clients throughout the sale process. Do they have a favorite sports team? Are they missing something simple like a set of coasters, a toaster, or a dining set for their home? Simple gifts are often received the best.

3. Making The Relationship More Personal With Gift-Giving

While you should always strive to maintain professionalism in your transactions, some realtors end up becoming close friends with clients. Gift-giving is a great way to bridge the gap between the personal and the professional and foster relationships that can last for years to come.

Gifts appeal to the more personal nature of a business relationship. You’re letting the client know that you understand them as a person and not just another customer. You might find that the closer you are with your clients, the more business comes your way. Friends are much more likely to recommend each others’ services or businesses to others.

4. Be Intentional

The best gifts aren’t cookie-cutter. They’re intentional and appeal to the client’s specific tastes or interests. Think of the most memorable gift you’ve ever received. It was probably something that appealed to your personality or interests, right?

Many realtors choose gift cards or something similar as a closing gift, and while this is fine, it doesn’t really set you apart from the other realtors out there. You’ve already gone above and beyond the call of duty for your position, so why not polish it off with a great gift?

Gift-giving is incredibly satisfying, especially when you get just the right gift for the recipient. Your clients will appreciate your attention to detail and the fact that you keep their personal interests in mind!

5. Make It Unique

Unique gifts are sometimes the cornerstone of a great gift-giving experience. The more unique a gift is, the more it stands out both in the mind of the client and in your memory, as well. You want to remember your favorite clients and transactions, right?

Unique gifts don’t have to be rare spices or exotic animals from halfway around the world. A gift that’s not common or falls outside the realm of “normal” will do just fine, but remember to keep it tasteful. You don’t want your gift-giving ideas to backfire and leave a bad impression on your newest client!

The Bottom Line

Gift-giving grants you a unique opportunity to connect with clients on a more personal level. With the right gifts, you can seal the deal and help foster a relationship that might last a lifetime! Try one of our great gift baskets for your next client, and you won’t be disappointed.