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5 Unique Gift Baskets that will Create a Buzz at Your Silent Auction

Competitive spending is one of the major appeals of auctions after all. People go to auctions, silent or otherwise, to spend money. Just like rolling dice at a casino, some people get a thrill out of competitive betting. Not to imply that you should drive up the starting bid unnecessarily. But needless to say, you want to offer enticing items.  

One great idea is unique gift baskets for silent auctions. Here are a few unique gift baskets that you can put on the auction block to raise money for your organization at your next silent auction.

1. Be Crateful – $250

The Be Crateful Gift Basket This rustic wooden hand-made crate is a unique gift basket packed with goodies to feed a crowd.

The Be Crateful basket comes filled to the brim with 4 types of crackers, 2 types of pretzels, assorted cheese, smoked salmon, antipasto, cashew roca, fruit jellies, pop-sensation popcorn, peanuts, organic coffee, assorted dark chocolate, crispy Belgian chocolate bark, a tin of chocolate hazelnut truffles, sugar cookies, box of dark assorted chocolates and Pirouline hazelnut chocolate. This is sure to be a hot ticket item at your auction.

2. Elite Gift Basket – $175.00

If you are looking for the ultimate gourmet meat and cheese gift basket to place on the auction block, look no further than the Elite Gift Basket.  The Elite brings the best gourmet items together as one to create a gift that is perfect for sharing.

The Elite Gift Basket is an attractive wicker basket filled with a veritable smorgasbord of specialty meats, assorted cheeses, olives, and many more gourmet items.

3. Golden Splendor – $195

Golden Splendor is an elite gourmet gift basket that is perfect for silent auctions, personal occasions, and corporate gift giving. It’s made to share, with plenty for everyone.

This classy gourmet gift basket is overflowing with pretzels, crackers, cookies, smoked salmon, truffles, assorted cheeses, a box of assorted chocolates, milk chocolate bark, Pop Sensation popcorn, and so much more.

4. The Don – $175

The Don is the Godfather of gourmet gift baskets. This attractive silent auction gift basket comes packaged tight in a wine crate overflowing with gourmet goodies, and two bottles of wine. This gift basket is perfect for corporate, personal, and congratulations gifts too.

5. Premier Gourmet – $140.00

This beautiful, deep stainless steel colander is filled with two wine glasses to enjoy a bottle of preferred red wine (you can add a bottle from the product page). The Premier Gourmet also includes award-winning handcrafted cheddar cheese, and smoked mozzarella cheese, Something Special gourmet antipasto, crackers, wine and cheese biscuits, truffles, and more.


These are just a few of our most creative and unique gift baskets. But if you’re feeling inspired, check out the build a basket function and create your own silent auction gift basket to really create a buzz at your next silent auction.