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5 Summer Gift Ideas to Beat the Heat

Summer is here, and that means the heat waves aren’t far behind! Finding creative ways to beat the heat and enjoy your summer fun is easy when you’ve got our list of the top five summer gift ideas. These gifts are affordable and make the perfect summer-time thank-you or birthday gift for that special someone. 

Let’s take a look at these five amazing gift ideas. 

1. The Bed Jet 

Have you ever wished you could stick your fan under the sheets on those hot summer nights for some cool air circulation? Unfortunately, your normal box fan doesn’t quite fit right, and you can’t exactly move your A/C unit to the bedside, either. What’s a person to do? Cue the Bed Jet, a cooling system designed specifically for keeping those under-sheet areas cool as a cucumber on those hot summer nights. 

The Bed Jet fits right under your bed, and the air is circulated through a hose system right under your sheets for maximum circulation. Eliminate those long summer nights spent stuck to the sheets from sweat. The Bed Jet will help reduce (or eliminate altogether) your perspiration, cool your bed, and keep you comfortable all night long. 


The Bed Jet does have a bit of a price tag, however. The base version comes in right around $579 CDN. 

2. Cooling Towels 

Cooling towels come in several varieties, but this one is only $9.99 CDN. They’re made from special materials that are water-absorbent and cool rapidly, providing instant relief for those blistering summer days in the sun. Simply soak your towel in water, ring it out, give it a few snaps, and put it on the back of your neck for instant cooling. 

This makes for a great gift, as it’s portable, affordable, and practical. For the athlete, parent, sibling, or friend in your life, the cooling towel is a simple way to let them know they’re appreciated. 

If you order your cooling towels with Amazon Prime, you’ll also get free two-day shipping. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, however, some shipping times may be delayed. 

3. Our Spa Day Gift Basket

Nothing helps beat the heat like a relaxing day at the spa; but wait, the spas probably aren’t open yet. Now what? We’ve got you covered with our Spa Day Gift Basket, the perfect gift for the spa-lover in your life that’s trapped at home due to quarantine. 

The Spa Day Gift Basket includes everything you need for an at-home spa experience, including slippers, bath sponge, body loofah, soaps, bath bombs, candles, and bath salts. A nice cool bath with our awesome bath bombs and body soaps will leave your loved one feeling, cool, clean, and refreshed. 

You can order the Spa Day basket here. The price is $115, and we do offer same-day delivery in the Calgary area if your order is placed before 11AM. 

4. Outdoor Misting System

Imagine your best friend just built their new deck, and you’re invited for a summer gathering to enjoy its wonderful view. There’s only one problem: it’s hot. The sun is beating down on everyone, and the one thing that was forgotten in the design was an umbrella to block the sun. What summer gift could you possibly give (besides a big umbrella) so solve this issue?

An outdoor misting system is exactly what it sounds like. The system sits above a deck, patio, or other outdoor space. It releases a mist that can help cool an entire area by up to 20 degrees. Bring the cool misting effect of a waterfall to your back porch! 

You can find misting systems for around $60-$100+, depending on the brand and model. They’re easy to install, affordable, and can offer a unique cooling experience for anyone who’s never used them. 

5. Vacu Vin Cooling Sleeve

Don’t you just hate when you want an ice-cold drink but you forgot to put it in the freezer or left it out in the sun? Me too! That’s why this Vacu Vin cooling sleeve makes the perfect gift. It’ll cool anything in just five minutes and even help keep it cool for up to three hours! How’s that for beating the heat?

No more warm sodas, beer, or bottled water! This cooling sleeve costs around $40 CDN and is available on Amazon. You can get it delivered right to your house or to your gift recipient. Don’t let that summer sun beat you! Keep your drinks cool and drinkable with a cooling sleeve. 

Enjoy The Sunshine! 

These five summer gift ideas are awesome ideas for anyone in your life that has a summer birthday, special occasion, or just because you want to. They’ll help cool, refresh, and comfort without breaking the bank. Ok, so maybe that first one is a bit pricey, but who wouldn’t want a breeze under their sheets on a hot summer night?