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5 of the Best New Year 2020 Gifts

When it comes to the New Year, nothing says Happy New Year! like a gourmet basket. With dozens of choices and varieties to suit your every need, Bumble Bee Baskets has exactly what you’re looking for to bring in the New Year with style and elegance. Whether you need a simple cheese basket for your neighbor’s New Year’s Eve party, or you want something a little more classy for your boss’s new office, these are five of the best New Year 2020 gifts.


The Winter Warmer Basket

winter warmer basket

Brrr! It’s getting chilly out there as winter’s hold begins to tighten before the New Year rolls in, so why not warm up those frosty fingers with some gourmet coffee from The Winter Warmer Basket? This winter-themed basket makes a perfect gift for anyone on your New Year’s list and includes some amazing treats. In the basket, you’ll get gourmet hot chocolate mixes for those particularly cold nights, crisp apple ciders, gourmet coffee for frozen mornings, and some delicious chocolate wafer rolls to satisfy any sweet tooth.


This amazing basket can be yours for just $65 and includes additional purchasables such as an “extra-large” upgrade if you want a larger basket, an added bottle of wine, and more. Customize your basket for the perfect touch to any basket you order on Bumble Bee.

Be Crateful

be crateful crate

The holidays are a time of reflection as we look back on the previous year with pride at our accomplishments and a feeling of gratefulness for all of the wonderful things we have in our lives. With the new year approaching, you need the perfect basket to reflect those feelings of thankfulness for your gift recipient; and what better way to do so than with a crate named “Be Crateful“?


This beautifully-colored wine crate comes stuffed to the brim with all manner of yummy snacks, including dark chocolate, red pepper jelly, caramel popcorn, chocolate truffles, and much more! With such variety, you’ll have your recipient feeling more than crateful to have you in their life! This loaded basket can be yours for just $275, and, of course, comes complete with all of the extras offered with other crates. You can add whatever you need to make the crate as customized as possible. Order yours today to get it before the new year!

VIP Wine Gift Basket

VIP wine gift basket

What would the new year be without some wine before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve? For the wine lover in your life, there’s the VIP Wine Gift Basket; complete with a bottle of both red and white wine, two wine glasses, and plenty of wine-friendly treats and snacks. Positioned in a rustic wicker basket and packaged neatly for that VIP look, this basket is the perfect gift for the wine connoisseur or casual drinker alike.


This basket is available for $195, and you can add extras like a colorful flower arrangement, a gift card, or even gourmet cookies for that extra flair. Don’t let your wine lover go without in the new year; get them a VIP basket today!


The Good Home

good home gift basket

With New Year’s comes parties and gatherings galore, and you don’t want to find yourself without a gift to offer. The Good Home Basket includes a bottle of preferred red wine to lighten the mood, as well as gourmet crackers, cheese biscuits, and more tasty snacks to keep those taste buds satisfied. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, look no further! The “basket” is actually a beautiful glass serving bowl stuffed with goodies that can be washed and reused. It’s like giving two gifts in one!


This basket can be yours for just $150, and the sooner your order, the better! If you’ve got someone on your list who just purchased a new home for the new year, this is the perfect gift to welcome them into their new space.

Noble Elegance Basket

noble elegance gift basket

Last, but certainly not least, we come to the Noble Elegance Basket. This beautifully crafted basket contains elegant smoked salmon, fine truffles, wine and cheese crackers, and more. All of these goodies are perfect for that New Year’s Ever party your recipient is throwing, or as a simple yet elegant gift to say thank you for being in your life. The Noble Elegance Basket combines simplicity and elegance for a touch unlike any other, and you won’t be disappointed with the craftsmanship of the basket itself or the quality of the goodies inside.


Get yours today for just $65, and you can add any extras you see fit, including an adorable teddy bear, fancy chocolates, a bottle of choice wine, or even a balloon and gift card.