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5 Halloween Baskets for Kids of Any Age

Halloween is just a few days away, so it’s time to get those kiddos excited for this spooky holiday! We’ve looked all over for these perfect baskets for kids of any age. Spooky treats, fun games, and more await just below. Keep reading to learn where to find the holiday’s best kid’s baskets.

1. Halloween Basket: Boo Treats (By Us)

If you’re looking for spooky treats, you’ve found them! Our Boo Treats basket is the perfect Halloween basket for people of all ages. This Halloween-themed gift basket includes some tasty morsels, such as

Sour Pumpkins
Candy Corn (a Halloween classic)
Harvest Creams
Toffee Kisses
Choc Pumpkins
Creamy Caramels
Halloween Jelly Beans
A Sweet Pumpkin Hat
Mini Chocolate Bars (Yum!)

If you’re craving an affordable basket with that special spook vibe, we’ve got you covered. Of course, that’s not our only spooky option. If you’d like to take a look at our entire Halloween collection, you can find it here. Remember that you can always upgrade your basket to an extra-large, large, or medium version. You can also add wine and plushies to any basket. This basket sits at a comfortable $75, so while it’s not our cheapest basket, it’s also not a higher-end wine basket. You’ll find it fits just right in both your budget and your kiddos’ hands.

2. Halloween Boo Bucket (By OhFudgeAndMore)

Head on over to, and you’ll find hundreds of hand-crafted gift baskets. The spooky treats are abundant, and there’s no tricks to be found—only delicious and savory treats. From candy corn to popcorn and everything in between, Etsy is home to people from all over the world who lend their talents to creating beautiful handmade gifts.

Among these handmade treasures, you’ll find this Boo Bucket Halloween basket by OhFudgeandMore. With a name like that, this basket was bound to be filled with something tasty. Inside, you’ll find a smiling white chocolate orange pumpkin. This tasty pumpkin is pure white chocolate and made with care for the perfect taste. You’ll also get a four-pack of chocolate-dipped pretzels, a quarter-pound piece of M&M fudge, and more!

This cute and tasty basket can be yours for just $19.95 plus shipping. You also have the option to have it shipped in an insulated bag with an ice pack.

3. Pumpkin Halloween Chocolate Basket for Kids (By Supply Tiger)

Among the other countless baskets on Etsy stands another champion of spooky treats: The Pumpkin Halloween Chocolate Basket For Kids by SupplyTiger. If your little vampires and ghouls love chocolate, this is the basket for you. The basket is filled with favorites like Reese’s Cups, 100 Grand Bars, M&M’s, Twix Bars, and York Patties. You’ll get a total of two pounds of chocolate packed neatly in a plastic pumpkin basket. This is a great gift for younger kids because it’s a simple plastic bucket, but it’s great for older kids, too. They’ll love the chocolate, if nothing else. Who doesn’t want two pounds of their favorite chocolate?

This basket can be yours for just $12.99 plus shipping. But wait, there’s more! If two pounds of chocolate isn’t enough, you can upgrade to a bigger basket. The shop offers three and four-pound options as well. Fill your belly with yummy chocolate this Halloween!

4. No Tricks, Only Treats Halloween Pumpkin Gift (By GourmetGiftBaskets)

GourmetGiftBaskets offers one-of-a-kind baskets that we just love for Halloween and other occasions. This Halloween basket, named in the festive spirit, No Tricks, Only Treats, is the perfect gift for kids of all ages. This three-pound mix of chocolate is tasty, well-priced, and sure to please even the pickiest of goblins this Halloween. Spooky treats here, no tricks! The smiling orange pumpkin entombs all of your favorite candies, from Snickers to Three Musketeers, and more.

This lovely and tantalizing gift basket can be yours for only $59.99 plus shipping. Handmade with fast shipping, you can’t possibly find another spooky basket that will suit all of your Halloween needs at once.

5. Trick Or Treat Basket (By FromYouFlowers)

When it comes to gift baskets and flowers, FromYouFlowers is something of an authority in the field. If you’re looking for the perfect spooky basket, this Trick or Treat Basket has everything you need to please. Its simplicity is appealing, and the assortment of tasty chocolatey treats that await within are sure to bring joy to kids of all ages. You can customize this simple basket and get same-day delivery in certain areas. If you want a deluxe or premium option, the site has a sale going on right now. Or, you can customize the basket with balloons, a teddy bear, or even more chocolate.

Get your chocolate fix this Halloween with this simple, affordable gift basket. It can be yours for just $35.99 for the regular basket, $43.99 for the deluxe, or $51.99 for the premium. How much chocolate can you handle?