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5 Essential Items Every Easter Basket Needs

Easter is just around the corner, and it’s never complete without putting together the perfect Easter gift basket. Whether the kid you’re shopping for is 4 or 40, everyone loves a nice gift basket. And what could be a more perfect excuse than Easter?

In the spirit of Easter, we’ve assembled this list of great Easter gift ideas to help you put all your eggs in one basket and select the perfect gift items for your special some-bunny.  

Something Sweet

Every Easter Basket needs some sweets. Fruit flavored and coffee flavored hard candies are an excellent choice. Of course we all know someone who is fond of old fashioned candies like butterscotch and horehound. No matter what flavor their sweet tooth craves, the best thing is that hard candies are cheap. They can be purchased in large mixed bags, and they make an excellent filler for your basket. You can even hide some underneath the raffia in the bottom of the basket for an extra surprise! Hard Candies also make a great egg filler for plastic eggs during the Easter egg hunt!

Something Chocolate

Every Easter basket needs chocolate. This goes as an understatement. Regardless of what type of chocolate your gift recipient prefers, Chocolate is a must. It comes in so many different varieties, from creamy white chocolate to sweet milk chocolate, and even 100% pure cacao.

Lindt Truffles and Lindor Squares are a popular option. No matter what brand you select, you’ll also have a choice between chocolate with crispies, nuts, and even chocolate with a hint of fruit flavor. There are so many options to choose from sure to suit any palate.

Something Egg or Bunny Shaped

It almost goes without being said, but all Easter baskets need something shaped like an egg or a bunny. Perhaps a chocolate rabbit, or even a plushie. Jelly eggs are a given, but what about a giant plastic Easter egg, filled with jelly eggs?!

You can choose the traditional fruit flavors like jelly belly, and if you’re buying for a fan of Harry Potter, a package of “Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans” is a fun novelty!

Something Useful

This often gets overlooked, but a thoughtful Easter Gift should include something that the recipient can make good use of. Consider including a tube of their favorite toothpaste and a new toothbrush. Or even socks and underwear. Everyone needs new socks and underwear at least a few times a year! Towels for the kitchen or coffee mugs are a great idea as well. Our build a basket function has all kinds of great extras and small filler items, and you can add custom gifts to your basket with call-in orders too!

If you’re a practical joker, and your friend loves a good joke, you could even include a gag gift (kids love fake vomit!) Just be sure not to upset anyone’s sensibilities!

Easter Gift Ideas: Think Outside The Basket

This one is obvious. A gift basket isn’t a basket without….well… A basket of course.

Traditional wicker baskets dyed bright spring colors are a good idea for children. Adults may enjoy those too, but there are all sorts of creative and sturdy basket designs to choose from. And you may even consider thinking outside of the basket depending on who you are shopping for.

Easter represents spring a time of renewal and fertility for some, and for the gardener with a green thumb, one great idea is a garden-themed easter basket! Simply fill a rustic metal window planter with packages of flower, herb, or fruit and vegetable seeds. You can also include small garden tools like spades and gardening gloves.

No matter what kind of basket you choose, or what you put in it, make sure that your gifts are thoughtful, and geared towards the tastes and interest of the person you’re gifting it to. There are so many possibilities! Happy Easter!