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3 Ways Real Estate Closing Gifts Can Make an Impression

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Being a real estate agent can be an extremely rewarding experience. It’s a very personal profession that lets you get into the minds of sellers and buyers alike to provide each party with exactly what they are looking for. Real Estate Closing Gifts can sometimes be hard to choose.


As Realtor, you get to enter people’s homes to understand what their house has to offer. This experience naturally leads to getting to know the sellers, too. You get to become a part of their lives as you help them tackle the market and sell their home. The same goes for helping buyers in the market. You have to know what your clients are looking for in order to find their forever home on the market. 


This intimate experience shouldn’t simply end when closing goes through. You can still do things that make an impact on buyers and sellers lives after the paperwork is done. Most of the time, that comes down to gift-giving.


Many real estate professionals practice gift-giving after closing because it creates another personal connection with their clients. We’re going to look at a few different styles of gifts that realtors use to make an impact in their clients lives even after they close on their forever home.


Thoughtful Gifts

You’ve taken the time to get the know your clients through the entire process. You get to learn about their lives in so many different facets, so you should be taking notes when your clients give you the chance. The more you learn about your clients, the easier it is to give a thoughtful gift. 


Let’s say your clients are huge hockey fans. The entire family is constantly talking about the last Roughrider’s games like they were on the ice themselves. Their kids sport Roughrider’s hats and shirts, and even the car has a Roughrider’s license plate cover. If you are paying attention to these small details, you will already know what to get your clients for their new home. Finding a Roughrider’s gift is the obvious choice for the sports family. 


The idea is to really think about what your clients have shown and told you during your time together. If you use the little bits of information they give you to land on a gift, there is no way they won’t feel special. 


Local Experiences

If your clients are going to be new to the area, you might want to treat them to an amazing local experience. From a dinner out for the family to a unique experience only their new town offers, local experiences are amazing gifts for the newcomers to the town. 


Say your clients just moved from elsewhere to Calgary, but they have don’t really know much about Calgary. They might ask you what the best restaurants or local events they need to try, and you can bet they will at least attempt to participate in just about anything you throw their way. When you finally help this family close, you might want to look at getting them a local experience as a gift. Maybe look into something like tickets for the Calgary Stampede, or you could get them a gift card to your favorite restaurant that you want them to try. These types of gifts are a great way to welcome the new locals to the neighborhood, and they are sure to feel included from such a simple gesture.

Unique Artwork

Certain clients love history and personalized art. You can tell because they will always talk about the history of the area, or the look of certain pieces of art inside of staged houses. These customers will go head over heels for a unique piece of artwork. Items like historical maps of the area or custom artwork of their house are great pieces to offer as gifts. The pieces are extremely personal, and you can be certain that your gifts will start conversations when the new homeowners have guests over. 

gift giving“Wow. What a cool piece of art. Is this your home? Where did you get this?”

“It’s a custom art piece of our home that our Realtor got us when we closed on the house. Isn’t it amazing?” 

That conversation can and will happen when you give unique artwork as a gift.

Create a Culture of Gift Giving

Here at Bumble Bee Baskets, we are huge advocates of creating a culture of gift-giving. We truly believe that gift-giving is the best way to create a rapport with anyone, and it’s a great way to build your network. When you put that personal touch on your gifts, those customers are going to remember you. That could lead to them casually referring to their friends and family to you because they know what kind of work you do, and how much you care. So, make sure you start giving gifts when you close sales. The smallest gestures could create the biggest opportunities for your career. 


Need help finding the perfect real estate closing gifts for your customers? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Just reach out to Bumble Bee Baskets today and work with one of our Gift Experts. They will help you create that gift-giving culture by making the perfect gifts for all of your clients. Learn more about our gift experts and how they help you create a gift-giving culture with our business success program.